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by posted 04/08/2021

Hi Everyone,

This is Kerry, Coach Rich’s wife and Brett’s mom.  It has been so great to see you all and especially to see the boys playing baseball! This is a long email but bear with me as we try to get everything organized moving forward.  I am reaching out to get the jerseys straightened out for our team.  It has been a bit chaotic as you are seeing with team’s combining and schedules not yet posted.  It has been the same for getting jerseys/hats/gaiters. 

To all be on the same page since we have added new players and we came from different cohorts, I am going to list the info I have and then the  info I now need from you.


Each player is supposed to receive:

  • GV hat
  • GV gaiter
  • Blue jersey
  • White jersey

During cohorts the teams were supposed to get everything minus the white jersey.  Once teams were selected, Coach Rich then asked for the Blue jerseys, number choice, and $20 for the names to be put on the back of the blue and the white jersey.


With Rich leaving town to be with his Dad/family and the team changeups, we are going to start fresh to make sure everyone has what they need and everyone gets what they don't have.


Here is our roster:

















PLEASE send me an email ASAP to confirm:

  • The number beside your son’s name if there is one.  If there is NO number, please send me the number they would like (that is not already taken)
  • Jersey size
  • If you never received a hat, gaiter or BLUE jersey, please let me know
  • We need to collect ALL blue jerseys so PLEASE BRING TO HITTING PRACTICE TONIGHT.
  • We need to collect $20 from every player for the jersey name on the blue and white jersey ($10/jersey).  You can bring cash to Coach Rich or you can venmo me @Khollow21 
    • If you have already paid, thank you, I have you down already.
  • If you turned in a blue jersey to Coach Rich, please confirm so we can mark that off.  I collected Dom’s personally, but anyone else please let me know.


There is hitting practice tonight in the cages from 6:30 until dark so Coach Rich can give you a hat/gaiter if you are missing one.  But please still respond to this email if you need one. 


We are trying to get these shirts done ASAP so we can have them for our games.  PLEASE respond ASAP to this email so that it can be taken care of and PLEASE have your son bring his BLUE jersey to practice tonight if you still have it. 


Please email me at khollowell@santabarbaraca.gov ( I don't think I get emails if you reply to this one directly)

Thank you all and thank you for your patience as we get this all worked out!! 


Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything!



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